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The Mechanics of a Hypnotic Script

I just finished recording the very first induction for my hypnosis store. I thought I would give you a brief explanation of the five elements of a hypnosis script and session.

The INTRODUCTION: A brief summary of the type of hypnosis and perhaps the name of the hypnotist if listening to recordings. This if where the hypnotist gains the clients trust, builds rapport, and puts the client at ease.

The INDUCTION: Which is the beginning of the script where the hypnotist gets the client good and relaxed and gets the client to focus on slow, deep breathing. This relaxes the body and slows down the mind, heart rate and allows the client to drop in to trance. There are several different types of inductions.

DEEPENERS: A deepener is used once the client is in the beginning of trance...its purpose is to depend their trance. Not all subjects will need a deepener, but it never hurts because the deeper one can drop, the more effective the suggestions and therapy will be. There are many types of deepeners, some being: Dissociative hypnotic deepeners, Triggered and conditioned hypnotic deepeners, Numerical hypnotic deepeners, and the list goes on. Hypnosis works not because of the "power" of the hypnotherapist. It is the openness and receptivity of the subject. The client must be able to relax, breath deeply and desire to go into trance.

The THERAPY: The next phase takes place once the client is under hypnosis, or deep into trance. This is the meat of the session where suggestions can be easily absorbed into the subconscious mind. The subconscious will only accept those suggestions is desires and can reject any suggestions it does not want.

The WAKENING stage: The goal of this stage is to gently guide the client out of the hypnotic trance and into wakefulness. Everyone wakes up in their own time. Some clients wake up right away, while others may enjoy a count up, and some prefer to take their time.

So, there you have it, the hypnosis process explained. I hope you all enjoy my recordings and if you would like a custom file, just reach out to me from the contact area of my site.

Goodnight and sweet dreams...


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